The HUC Help United for Children Foundation is subject to external supervision by the Foundation Board Supervisory Authority (STIFA).

The Foundation & Our Goals

The HUC Help United for Children Foundation supports children and adolescents with cancer. We work primarily with children’s hospitals who apply for family support from us.

Support is provided exclusively for illness-related additional costs:

– Sibling care

– Support for grief counseling

– Spitex or discharge service during the child’s illness

– Medicines, which are not taken over by the health insurance

– Travel expenses from the family home to the hospital during maintenance therapy

– Support for rehab

– Cost of transport and cryopreservation of ovarian tissue in female children

Our goal here is to help the families who are no longer able to pay for illness-related additional costs due to the lengthy duration of treatment (chemotherapy).

With the diagnosis, the family is torn from their familiar everyday life. During the acute treatment (chemotherapy), one of the most difficult situations in life begins for the whole family:

Who is there for the siblings if the mother accompanies the sick child to the hospital during chemotherapy (over several months)? The father becomes the sole earner of the family because the mother has to give up her job.

Life at the oncological nursery becomes a daily routine for the family. Daily travel expenses from the family home to the hospital begin to burden the family’s budget.
Our foundation is for charitable purposes only. The support is independent of religious affiliation and nationality, what our statutes stand for.

During several months of treatment, families often break down under the enormous burden of the disease. The oncological disease of the child takes center stage, everything else becomes secondary.

Through our sponsors, we are also able to support the family after the time of the maintenance therapy by supporting them in rehab.

The donations directly benefit the families with the cancer-affected child.